We are incredibly pleased to introduce our organization, Humanix- a years’ old dream finally brought to reality in 2020.

Humanix is an organization based in Kashmir with a modern approach. Our organization benefits from young minds who strive to approach issues that have persisted in our society for years in an innovative and realistic way.

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50+ Team Members & Volunteers

Over the past three decades, our families has focused on supporting people who are trying to make their communities fairer, freer, and more harmonious.

₹5CR 20-21 budget

Our decentralized and bottom-up approach allows us to focus on long-term strategies while also remaining nimble and flexible enough to respond to sudden crises.

3000+ Total Families Supported

Our grants—ranging from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars—are awarded to organizations, scholars, and activists in 2 states.



Making healthcare accessible to all!

Despite recent advancements and improvement in the healthcare sector, a majority of the population do not have access to affordable healthcare. At Humanix, we intend to change this by providing early healthcare access and early diagnostic support to the people in need. We focus on educating people regarding healthy living and self-diagnosis in addition to covering healthcare expenses for the underprivileged sections of society.

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Education for all!

Education plays a key role in developing the socio-economical personality of an individual. At Humanix, we strive to ensure that every child gets the opportunity to receive a proper education, especially the poor who often miss out on school due to poverty and inaccessibility. The goal is to make education accessible to first-generation learners and to provide higher- education grants to deserving students.

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#women empowerment

Empower HER!

Despite gender equality being a fundamental human right, women around the world regularly endure the infringement of their human rights throughout their lives. A lot needs to be done for the elimination of discrimination against women and girls, empowerment of women, and the achievement of equality between women and men. At Humanix, we intend to empower women through combating illiteracy, supporting women-led businesses and amplifying women's voices.

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Our team along with generous donors & volunteers working towards the betterment of less fortunate as it is the only thing which makes this earth a better place to live.


Mr. Ubaid Wani is a young entrepreneur and philanthropist, having established some successful business chains in the areas of food-manufacturing, health & beauty, real estate, and construction. Some of these businesses include Landmark Constructions, Landmark Real Estate and Malls, Headmasters Salons, Ovenly, and Foodbox to name a few. Ubaid belongs to a well-reputed business family known for both its entrepreneurial achievements and philanthropic work. At the same time, Ubaid's avid belief in the power of charity has helped benefit numerous underprivileged individuals and families. The philosophy of 'Humanix' is no different - 'to help individuals' albeit on a much larger scale.


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